Rockman et al

Rockman et al is an innovative research, evaluation, and consulting company.

We examine critical issues in formal and informal education to help our clients make decisions and to inform funders about the value and impact of their investments. As external, independent researchers, we answer questions in a clear, direct, and honest way. Our services include project evaluation, research on learning and impact, needs assessment, and usability studies. We work with a wide range of clients in the areas of formal and informal learning, media, technology, and the arts.

Current Projects

Current Projects

WestEd's i3: Leading with Learning

REA is conducting a quasi-experimental impact study with matched comparison schools, and an implementation study in six California elementary schools in two districts for this Investing in Innovation (i3) Development award.  More>>

Meet Us At...

Meet Us At...

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Conference
Februrary 23-25, 2016:

Please get in touch with if you would like to connect with us at the conference in Las Vegas, NV. More>>


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