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Rockman et al developed a system for assessing the degree to which the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco (AFSF)'s Build SF students acquire and master a range of 21st Century Learning Skills in their program mentorships. The intended use of the measurement system is to serve as a tool that clearly establishes a student’s progress in each of the key 21st Century Learning Skills areas, demonstrating how and when students meet benchmarks in workplace skills development. Rockman et al provided AFSF a set of recommendations about the process of evaluation in the Build SF Institute, as well as a refined set of evaluation tools and guidelines.

Client Architectural Foundation of San Francisco (AFSF)
Funding Agency Architectural Foundation of San Francisco (AFSF)
Timeline November 2004 - October 2005
Project Topic Assessment, Informal Learning
Project Category Evaluation and Research



Full Report (pdf)



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