Project Examples: Evaluation and Research
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Example One:
REA, in collaboration with the West Virginia Department of Education, is conducting a three-year research project to study the implementation and impact of an introductory virtual Spanish course using a quasi-experimental design. read more >>

Example Two:
Rockman et al and WestEd were contracted by the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing to conduct a study of the availability and effectiveness of cultural competency training provided to teachers and administrators in ten culturally diverse California school districts.

Example Three:
Rockman et al conducted a thorough, multi-component evaluation of University of California, Berkeley Museum of Paleontology's (UCMP) Understanding Evolution Web site.


Evaluation and Research

Rockman designs and conducts evaluations and research for all types of education-related organizations. Our evaluations and research for formal education providers frequently involve data gathered from primary sources, including school administrators, teachers, parents and learners of all ages. Rockman staff use quantitative and qualitative methods based on academic models, market research strategies and field experience. Researchers use experimental and quasi-experimental designs to develop the most appropriate research strategies based on client goals. We identify trends, determine strengths and weaknesses and offer feedback and recommendations to help our clients succeed.

Marketing studies and informal education research and evaluation projects typically focus on consumers, Web site and museum visitors, community members, policy makers and leaders, early adopters of innovative products, and the broad audience of children and adults who listen to, view, visit, and engage with the clients’ products and services. Rockman researchers design and implement formative evaluation studies to help clients develop the most effective products and interventions and conduct summative research studies to assess emerging impacts and outcomes.

As independent researchers, we often serve as an external evaluator for grant-funded projects supported by foundations, state and federal agencies, and private industry. Independent evaluation is frequently required as a condition of the award. Rockman has a national reputation for providing such services in the area of informal science (NSF-funded projects), and the role of technology in school reform initiatives (U.S. and state departments of education).

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